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Power Circuit combines an array of strength and resistance exercises to help tone and sculpt your body. Do you have what it takes to complete our Saturday morning bootcamp?

Power Circuits

A high intensity, high calorie burning class. Which will take your fitness to a whole new level! Do you want to improve your cardio levels, endurance, core and coordination? Then this is the class for you!

Workout Warrior

Focusing on core strength and stability.  A mat based abdominal and back workout consisting of body weight and resistance equipment to help strengthen and tone your abdominals and back.

Express Strength

Fitness Yoga

If you like High intensity interval training and circuits this is the class for you! HIIT Squad combines both cardiovascular and strength training to provide a intense full body burn. Power packed to maximize the amount of calories burned!

HIIT Squad

An interval training workout that is full of energy and designed to help you improve your own fitness level. Moves can be performed with high, medium and low impact. The class incorporates cardio segments, resistance training, and core work.
is aimed to focus on Intervals of cardio, strength and core where you can work with bursts of all out effort rewarded with short recovery periods.


A short but effective class that involves bursts of high-intensity cardio and strength exercises, with brief periods of recovery.  These classes will be sure to improve your cardiovascular fitness and core strength.  Low impact modifications will also be provided for beginners.

HIIT & Core

Come and give yourself a challenge with this fantastic high intensity interval training class.  The class involves short periods of intense, explosive anaerobic exercises with brief recovery periods.  This class is a great way to burn fat and improve your overall cardio fitness.